This is what happens if you eat blueberries every week! We’ll start eating them right away!

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Healthy diet

If you have a healthy diet, you’ll generally get enough antioxidants, but the amount of antioxidants can differ a lot between different fruits and vegetables. That’s why you should make sure there’s enough variation in your diet. That way, you’ll get all the antioxidants and nutrients you need.


The downside is that all of these berries’ healthy benefits are reduced quickly when you combine the berry with sugar. So, we wouldn’t recommend eating a lot of blueberry jam (even the ‘light’ version). It’s best to eat the berries shortly after you’ve bought them. Choose firm berries that have a silvery sheen. Don’t pick shriveled or overripe berries; these have already lost a lot of their healthy properties. Store them in the drawer of your refrigerator and don’t keep them for longer than five days.

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