This is what Elvis Presley would’ve looked like if he’d still been alive

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This is what the King of Rock and Roll would’ve looked like at 85

Elvis Presley was born in Mississippi, USA, in 1935. The beloved American singer and actor is widely seen as one of the most significant cultural icons from the twentieth century. Who doesn’t know his name? With hit songs like Return to Sender, In the Ghetto and Jailhouse Rock, he conquered the music industry and, let’s be honest, the entire world.

This reconstructed photo of Elvis Presley is extraordinary.

Elvis Presley

Sadly, The King passed away in 1977, when he was just 42 years old, because of his bad health due to years of drug abuse. Because of this, we’ll never know what Elvis Presley would’ve looked like in old age. However, these days there are a ton of computer programmes that can take old pictures of people and use those to find out what they will look like when they’re older. If Elvis had still been alive, he would now be 85 years old.

Music career

Elvis Presley’s music career began in 1954, when he recorded his first song at Sun Records with producer Sam Phillips. His first single came out in July 1954 and was called That’s All Right. Two years later he had his first American number 1 hit: Heartbreak Hotel. After several successful records and television performances that reached the top of the sales lists, he was seen as the king of rock ‘n’ roll. He became extremely popular because of his energetic songs and provocating performances on stage in combination with the remarkable fusion of different ethnic influences that coincided with the rise of the civil rights movement.

Are you curious to see what The King of Rock ‘n’ Roll would have looked like if he’d still been alive today?

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