This Exotic Moroccan Tagine Will Be The Most Delicious Thing You’ll Ever Make

” Tajine emerged in Morocco in the 12th century by the Phoenicians, who visited the area in that time. But it’s also said that the Tonac civilization thatwas in Mexico between the 800 and 600 B.C was the reason behind it.This theory based its assumption on the statuette of “EL Tagine” the god of rain of that civilization. ”

And since this thing tastes like heaven, we’re going to show you how to make one to impress your family, friends, and show them the true meaning of ” exotic “.


  1. 4 lb. boneless lamb roast, cut into 1″ pieces
  2. Kosher salt
  3. 3 c. low-sodium chicken broth
  4. dried apricots
  5. 3 tbsp. extra-virgin olive oil
  6. onion, chopped
  7. cloves garlic, sliced
  8. 2 tsp. freshly minced ginger
  9. 2 tbsp. tomato paste
  10. cinnamon stick
  11. Small pinch of saffron
  12. 1/2 tsp. ground turmeric
  13. 1/2 tsp. ground coriander
  14. 1/4 tsp. ground cardamom
  15. 1/4 tsp. ground nutmeg
  16. 1/4 tsp. ground cloves
  17. Freshly ground black pepper
  18. 1/4 c. freshly chopped cilantro, plus more for garnish
  19. 1/2 c. toasted almond slivers
  20. Torn mint leaves

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Written by P. Powel

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