How Do You Keep Turkey Burgers From Getting Dry?
A juicy turkey burger recipe is like GOLD. They are few and far between and the alternative is less than pleasant.

I have a few tricks to keep my turkey burgers nice and juicy:

The mozzarella cheese and an egg keeps these burgers extra moist and juicy and just bursting with flavor.
Don’t overcook the burgers! I know it can be confusing with the color of the meat that’s why I like to use an instant read thermometer to make sure I’m hitting that 165 without going over – that’s when they start to dry out.
The mozzarella cheese melts inside the burger and the green onion is a nice mellow onion flavor that goes perfectly with the turkey. So good!

There is nothing worse than a dry turkey burger and I absolutely cannot get over how scrumptious this easy turkey burger recipe is. It delivers sensational results every time!

I think the one thing that I would add to this turkey cheeseburger is a couple slices of avocado or maybe swap out the mayo for some guacamole – what can I say? I’m a California girl!

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Written by Belkys mieles

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