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Super Moist Chocolate Mayo Cake

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This super moist chocolate mayo cake was superb in appearance but paled in flavor. Wet; the antithesis of a dried cake in the grocery store. Don’t take a sheet of cake and make your own cake, and make a mayonnaise cake! It is decadent like a wedding cake. Made with love. The recipe dates back to WWII

There are many kinds of Chocolate Cake, but people are most familiar with the traditional two-layer cake like this Chocolate Mayonnaise Cake. Mayonnaise is made up primarily of oil and egg yolks, so it serves as the perfect substitute for those ingredients in chocolate cake! It gives chocolate cake a moist, rich texture without changing the flavor. Watch the video in this post to see how to make this recipe.

January 27th is National Chocolate Cake Day! Celebrate by eating chocolate cake, baking your own cake (like this Chocolate Mayonnaise Cake) or visiting a bakery to sample cake. It seems like we just had Pie Day where I shared a fabulous Lemon Chess Pie with you.

There are a million ways to make a chocolate cake, and everyone has their favorite recipe. But I think everyone will agree that the best chocolate cake is one that is rich in flavor, super moist and goes perfectly with a tall glass of cold milk. That’s what you’ll find in this Chocolate Mayonnaise Cake recipe!

The History of Chocolate Cake:

The first known chocolate cake fixings date back to the 1760’s. A doctor teamed up with a chocolate maker to grind up cocoa beans and create cakes in molds.

In 1847, the first chocolate cake recipe was published by Eliza Leslie in The Lady’s Receipt Book.

And the first chocolate cake mix surfaced in the late 1920’s by O’Duff and Sons. Better Crocker cake mixes were sold beginning in 1947- after World War II ended. It was then that chocolate cake really began to take off in America!

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