Sugar Free Apple Butter Slow Cooker

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After processing homemade apple cider, making apple butter appears to be the logical next step.

If you haven’t tasted homemade apple butter before, you are missing out on it. It tastes like falling into a jar!

I’m usually not a big fan of jam and jelly, but these are good enough to be eaten with a spoon. It is very easy to do! In fact, if you have already made homemade cider, all you have to do is add some spices and let it simmer for a longer time, so that the apple sauce will soften and become thicker. Using a slow cooker makes this easy, because you don’t have to worry about constantly stirring or burning the apples as they cook. You don’t even have to peel the apples before you start – the peel is directly blended into the apple juice, adding extra nutrition to the resulting butter.

Best of all, making apple butter is virtually foolproof. You can cook the sauce as thick or thin as you like, and you can also taste (carefully) as you like, adjusting the spices and sweetness to taste.

Although you are unlikely to burn applesauce at such low heat, if you do, then all you have to do is pour out the apple butter from the slow saucepan – the burnt parts will stick to the saucepan. Simply clean it, return the unburned apples to the clean bowl and continue cooking until the butter has reached the desired thickness. I cooked my apple butter until it shrunk almost in half, making just over 16 ounces.

As an added bonus, your home will smell amazing all day long as this apple butter boils, without the need for scented candles or artificial air fresheners. Win, win!

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