All the gloriousness of homemade cinnamon rolls with no yeast and no rising? These amazing, flaky biscuit cinnamon rolls will make you fall in love with cinnamon rolls all over again.

Hello! Welcome back from all the chaotic gloriousness of the Christmas holiday! I hope you had a great weekend; our holidays were filled with lots of PJ’s, lots of lego-building, lots of movies, lots of food.

We had a few, shall we say, issues, over the break, like freezing water leaking inside through our kitchen windows (home improvement catastrophes bite big time) and our family car dying a slow death.

But…if there’s one thing I’ve learned in my long 3.8 decades of life, it’s how to sort of roll with the punches (even if it includes screaming in my pillow every once in a while and consuming large quantities of dark chocolate).

Thankfully Camryn scored a My Little Pony umbrella for Christmas (her only Christmas wish), and so she felt very well prepared to step in and help shield Brian’s head as he crouched in the kitchen trying to figure out why water was streaming in from outside. Cam to the rescue (theme of our family’s lives, especially when it comes to breaking up wrestling matches between brothers).

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