Slow Cooker Brown Sugar Kielbasa Bites

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This is a recipe that’s so simple, I hesitate to even call it a recipe. See, it’s just three ingredients (four if you want yours to have a little kick) that get heated up together into one glorious combination.

So instead, think of it as a suggestion of what to serve at your next party… a suggestion you should definitely take.

There is little more to do here than slice up some kielbasa, but the end result is so delicious that you would have been willing to do so much more to achieve that flavor.

Those little bites of kielbasa are simmered in a sticky-sweet sauce that’s the perfect contrast to their smokiness. They’re an ideal poppable snack or app, and they couldn’t be easier.

Sliced kielbasa goes into the slow cooker (we’ve got stovetop directions for you down below if you’d rather go that route!) along with some brown sugar and cola until every bit is coated with caramelized sweetness.

You can add a bit of chili powder for the weensiest kick, but its main function is really to back up the smokiness of the kielbasa.

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