She retained a lot of water in her feet but that disappeared after following these 6 tricks!

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Tip 4: Put your feet up

If you’ve got swollen feet or hands it’s a good idea to put them up. This way, the water will sink out of them – it’s your basic gravity. You can put your feet up on a pillow or on a table and when you sleep you can slightly lift the end of your mattress.

Tip 5: Take magnesium tablets

Magnesium can reduce water retention, which makes it an excellent solution against swollen body parts. You can buy magnesium tablets at any pharmacy, which you should then take once or twice a day. There’s also magnesium in: wheat, beans, nuts, eggs, yogurt, skimmed milk, green leaf vegetables, fish, lean meat and poultry.

Tip 6: Exercise!

Yep, this remains one of the most important things to do if you want to remain fit and healthy: exercise. Moving your body and sweating ensures a rapid way of getting rid of water.

Good luck! We hope these tips will help you remedy your swollen feet.

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