Seven Layer Dip Cups

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Why We Love Seven Layer Dip Cups

Fun Appetizer – This appetizer gets people talking, everyone usually wants to grab a cup! It’s perfect for parties, baby showers, game day tailgating, birthday party, a Christmas party and more!
No Double Dippers – Everyone gets their own individual portions and can taste every layer with these dip cups. No double dipping happening here when everyone has their own container.

Variation Ideas

Try Green Chiles – Ever since moving to Arizona, we add mild or spicy green chilis to our food all the time. If using canned make sure to drain the chilies well. Tomatoes with green chilies are also a great addition.
Add Jalapenos– Diced or sliced fresh or pickled jalapenos can be delicious and add a little kick to this dip.
Swap In Refried Black Beans– You can easily swap refried black beans for regular refried beans cup for cup.
Try Shredded Lettuce– Often people add a finely diced romaine or iceberg lettuce to a taco dip which can be delicious. Dry the lettuce well so it doesn’t make the dip soggy. I only add lettuce on it if you are eating it immediately as it can make the dip soggier.
Add Onion– Finely diced onion can be really delicious on top of these cups instead of green onion. I recommend using a purple onion, or even a sweet onion.
Try Salsa Variations– Regular tomato salsa works great, but you can mix things up with a black bean and corn salsa or even a pineapple salsa.
Top With Fresh Cilantro – Swap the green onions for fresh cilantro, or let everyone add it if they choose to their individual servings.

How Long Will Seven Layer Dip Cups Last?
Expect these seven layer dip cups will taste best if eaten with 24 hours. If you are making it ahead of time I recommend adding the extra half of a lime juice to the guacamole to help keep it green. Cover the cups with plastic wrap before placing them in the refrigerator if you are making these ahead of time.

The whole seven layer dip will last about 2-3 days if stores in an airtight container, but for best results eat within 24 hours.

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