I was never a huge fan of fish growing up but one seafood dish I always loved was my Mom’s old fashioned salmon patties. There’s still something about frying them up in my own kitchen that takes me back to those days watching her cook.

I recently created my own recipe for easy Salmon Patties, which I’ve been making for years now for my own family. Even the kids eat these up! There’s never leftovers when it’s Salmon Patties for dinner (the kids call them Salmon Cakes). This recipe includes a little kick with added jalapeno (don’t worry – it’s not too spicy – if my four-year-old can handle it, you’ll be just fine)!


I use the salmon that’s already been de-boned and skin picked out. I have painful memories of the canned salmon that my Mom always bought (no doubt because she was on a tight budget) and spending forever picking out all those bones. Salmon in a pouch – it’s a God-send! Of course, if you need to save some money too, the canned salmon is always an option, just make sure you pick out the bones and skin.

I like to serve my salmon cakes with ketchup and/or tarter sauce.

French fries and air fryer onion rings always make a great side dish to go along with salmon patties.

I find that it’s often difficult to get children to try fish, but this recipe is a great way for kids to eat some seafood.

You could easily make this a gluten-free salmon patties recipe by substituting with gluten-free bread crumbs.

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