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Sacher Cake

So what is the original Sacher torta? I love the Sacher Torte origin story. Sachertorte cake was first made in the 1800s by an apprentice chef by the name of Franz Sacher who worked in Prince Metternich’s royal household.

Prince Metternich of Vienna ordered a special cake be created to serve to his guests at court, but by some twist of fate, the head chef was unwell so a young Franz Sacher had to step up and create a cake instead. The classic Sacher torte cake was the result, quite a feat for a 16-year-old apprentice!

I love Vienna, their food and pastry culture are on another level! Why not also try this wiener schnitzel recipe?

Back to the desserts, Sacher cake became famous in Austria and you could say that this young baker to the royals became one of the earliest celebrity chefs! His son opened Hotel Sacher in Vienna many years later where the original Sacher-Torte recipe is still served today.

For my first job fresh out of pastry school, I worked for a well known Austrian pastry chef at his wholesale bakery. The guy was old-school with very strict standards and he maintained a pretty intense work environment.

Though he was a harsh task master, the recipes I got from the Austrian pastry chef are rock solid. More than 25 years later I still use them.  Sometimes it takes a bit of trial and error to translate one of those recipes for home baking.

I’ve had the classic Sachertorte recipe on my list of post ideas for quite some time. I finally looked up the recipe in my old book so I could share it with you.

After baking, decorating, slicing and photographing the cake I took a taste. It seemed a little dry to me. This is a different kind of cake from the usual rich butter cakes filled with buttercream. But still, I wasn’t happy with it and knew it could be better.

I waited a day and tasted the cake again. It was a little better. I think the preserves had a chance to absorb into the cake, making it a little softer. But I still wasn’t satisfied. The basic ingredients wouldn’t change, but it did need some tweaking.

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