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Big racks of spare ribs are typically our go-to rib cut. However, we saw some beautiful St. Louis-style spareribs at the grocery store and decided to go with them this time. St. Louis-style ribs are just spareribs that have been trimmed a bit look more uniform. You don’t have as many of the small bones and cartilage as you see in traditional spareribs. These beauties cooked a little more quickly because of the size, which is always a good thing.


Jim cleaned up the ribs and removed the skin from the back. Then he coated them with his homemade rib rub and let them sit for about an hour before throwing them on the smoker. We use a mixture of oak (75%) and hickory (25%) for smoking, and try to keep the temp in the 250 to 300 degree range. Any lower than that and things get too smoky.  They cooked in about 3.5 hours.

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