Reversed-Seared Rib-Eye

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This Reverse Sear Steak recipe is so flavorful and juicy, you’ll feel like you’re eating a fancy steakhouse dinner at a fraction of the cost! Ready in under 30 minutes and so delicious.

I enjoy steaks at home and have tried everything from cooking it in a pan on the stove to air frying! There are so many ways to cook a steak, but out of all of them, our favorite method is reverse searing. This is the method I turn to over and over again!

Reverse searing does wonders! You will not believe how easy it is and what a difference it makes in your eating experience. I love a good pan seared steak for a weeknight meal but save this method for our special meals.

This is the best ribeye recipe because it cooks in the oven first, and then in a pan for the perfect sear on the outside with a beautiful medium-rare center. Once you reverse sear ribeye steak, you’ll want to make it this way every time… it is one of my favorite

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