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I am not, however, into any kind of “cakey” business when it comes to these brownies, so I had to do a little tweaking of the recipe in order to bring red velvet cake, but leave behind the cakey-ness.

I typically use whipped egg whites in my red velvet cupcakes to incorporate air. I also cream my butter and sugar to bring air to the batter as well.

Since I didn’t want to encourage much more lift than what the little bit of flour I use in my brownies, I decided to use a full egg in the red velvet cake batter and melt the butter.

I also went with 1/3 of the recipe for my cupcakes, and it turned out to be the perfect amount of red velvet batter to complement all the gooey, fudgy brownie batter.

The end result of these red velvet brownies was to die for. There’s certainly a cake-like texture going on in there, but I was able to completely eliminate the cakey-ness of the cupcake batter with the sheer density of the brownie batter.

I shared a brownie with my younger toddler (who kept signing and asking for more), gave two away to the older toddler’s preschool bestie and her mom, and left the rest of the batch with my former coworkers on Friday afternoon.

I got a text on Friday evening asking for a pre-release of the recipe so one of them could make the brownies for the Super Bowl. She actually said “I think it’s the best thing I’ve ever eaten.”

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