Ranch Potatoes Recipe

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My Mama-in-law thought up this recipe and baked it for us on our last visit to California. It seems like every time we visit, I come home with new recipes. I love it! Even my son found these cheesy potatoes hard to resist and he doesn’t usually like potatoes. Family approved :).

If you aren’t convinced yet, please stare at this next photo awhile… ????

Cheesy Ranch Potatoes are a mouthwatering potato side dish to spice up your dinner routine! These easy to make potatoes are creamy, cheesy, and ready fast!

This has got to be one of my favorite potato recipes to date! Chopped potatoes smothered in a creamy ranch sauce with bacon and cheese. Talk about a decadent side dish! It’s right up there on my list with my Hashbrown Casserole and these cream cheese Mashed Potatoes!

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