Roll cakes were often in the fridge during my childhood, so they have a special nostalgia for me.

My mom would buy them from the store, and they always looked so elaborate and fancy, but they’re actually quite simple to make yourself.

This pumpkin cake is adapted from a recipe that’s fairly old and well-loved around the country, from the back of a Libby’s Pumpkin can. I’ve tweaked it ever so slightly over the years that I’ve made it, but it’s still easy to pull off.

Because the cake is a very thin layer of batter on a sheet pan, it bakes very quickly.

I like doing a classic cream cheese frosting in the center, since it goes so well with the spiced pumpkin flavor, but you could fill it with any sort of frosting or filling.

The main trick to a perfect roll cake is rolling it up in a towel right after baking, to set its shape and prevent cracking.

(And psssst, if you’re looking for a chocolate cake roll, that one is my favorite. It’s not as easy to make as the pumpkin roll, but very doable).

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Written by P. Powel

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