Pecan Tarts

– THESE are a little too sweet. they puffed up when i pulled them out of the oven but deflated after a minute. like any other tart recipe, i made a variety – pecans, walnuts with choco chips, raisins, and cereal. what i do is i just add a tablespoon or more of the choices in the molded crust, mix the filling then pour it over the “variety” and crust. i didn’t double the recipe and made 24 regular cupcake sizes. (by the way, i don’t roll the dough. i divide it by 2. take one and divide it by 4, then divide those by 3s. repeat for the other one, and ask help from my 5 year old daughter to mold the doughs :D).

– This was a great recipe – I used the frozen, pre-made tarts since I’m really not a pastry person, and they turned out wonderfully! Using the regular-sized frozen shells, this recipe made 13 tarts. I served them with a dollop of unsweetened whipped cream on top to counter the uber-sugaryness of the tarts.


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Written by P. Powel

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