Pecan Pie Bark

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Is bark the easiest homemade candy out there? If not, this Pecan Pie Bark definitely is. See, it uses a base of graham crackers and just five more ingredients for an oven-baked bark with plenty of crunch.

When I say easy, I mean you’re looking at maybe ten minutes of prep and ten minutes of baking time and no candy thermometer needed. It has the sticky sweetness of Pecan Pie but it delivers it in a more portable hand-held form, which is good news because you’re never going to want this bark to leave your sight.

Pecan Pie Bark is the ultimate holiday candy. It’s a simple and fun take on a classic Pecan Pie. The graham cracker base is like the crust of pecan pie while the brown sugar and pecan mixture has the same taste as the pecan pie filling. All together the Pecan Pie Bark turns out buttery, crunchy, and wonderfully rich.

This Pecan Pie Bark has all the iconic taste of a classic Thanksgiving pie, but made into a hassle-free dessert. Instead of having to bake and cut up a whole pie for a sit down dessert, this treat is easy to have around the house to grab a few pieces of throughout the holiday season.

It’s great to make a week or two leading up to Thanksgiving to get into the holiday spirit.

During the holidays it’s always great to make small treats like this as gifts. When it comes to packaging Pecan Pie Bark, you can put them in a cellophane bag or festive tin.

If you use cellophane, simply wrap it around a few pieces of Pecan Pie Bark, then tie it with a holiday ribbon at the top. If you have a tin to put them in line it with parchment paper cut to size or decorative tissue paper.

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