Peanut butter stuffed brookies

If you’re looking for quick and easy chocolate and peanut butter desserts, these peanut butter-filled brownies and cookies are incredibly delicious and fun to make. The BEST dessert recipe of all time! They’ll do more than meet your sweet tooth expectations, but the best part is that they’re quick and easy to make with simple ingredients.

These wonderful little chocolate desserts require only 3 store-bought ingredients, plus the oil and egg needed to make the chocolate brownie batter. I also like to serve them hot with vanilla ice cream or whipped cream, because why not? They remind me of a chocolate lava cake or a pizookie, but they are much easier to make with a muffin tin.


Peanut butter filled brookies

1 bag of brownie mix (plus oil and egg for the dough)

1 (pack of 6) cups of Reese’s Peanut Butter (12 cups total)

1 package of refrigerated cookie dough (16oz)

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