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During the winter months you can’t beat tossing a few things together in a little extra virgin olive oil and seasoning and letting them roast! The flavors really deepen and you get a beautiful char on everything. This dish reminds me of the summer I spent in Calabria at a villa near the town of Tropea where everything had a spice to it.

The oil, the sausage and especially the peppers! I wanted to make a dish with a little calabrese flair and the first thing that came to mind was sausage and peppers. I started by pan frying the sausage a bit for a nice sear on the outside.

This also makes it easier to cut the sausage into pieces. I used mini sweet peppers because they’re bursting with flavor and I love the contrast against the spicy hot sausage. I threw in some sliced baby red potatoes which take on a wonderful buttery quality when cooked and really absorb flavor well.

I also added some sweet red onions which remind me of the famous red onions of Tropea and have more flavor than the white or yellow variety.

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