One-Hour French Bread

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We are bread people. Sure I’ve read the strongly-worded articles about how bread is slowly killing people, but until I have a very compelling reason to stop baking bread, we are going to keep our homemade sandwich bread, fresh pasta, muffins, and the occasional French bread with our meals.

I know there are people who genuinely can’t eat gluten. And I am so sorry. Though they put a good face on it, they get my compassion nonetheless.

For the rest of us, the bread-eaters, fresh bread at home is a healthy, frugal, and TASTY way to go.

Baking bread at home is one of those “it gets easier the more you do it” tasks. At first, the idea of working with yeast and KNEADING can be off-putting.

But it truly can also be relaxing to slow down for thirty minutes to mix up some dough. And mixing, stirring, and kneading is a great time to invite kids into the kitchen.

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