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NYC style chocolate chip cookies

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Can we take a minute, right at the beginning of this blog post, to appreciate… that I have given you guys this recipe. I have finally given you all the recipe that you have been after, for such a long long time. QUEUE THE APPLAUSE.

I’m joking – seriously. But anyway… I will say the reason they took this long to come to my blog, is because I only, finally, went to New York four months ago, so I finally got to try some classic NYC cookies for myself!

I wasn’t prepared or willing to post an NYC chocolate chip cookies recipe before I had actually eaten some for myself! I feel like that is pushing the limit really… can you make a recipe for something as famous as this, if you haven’t even there and eaten them?!

Delicious NYC cookies with a crunchy edge and a soft and gooey centre filled with triple chocolate chips. They’re giant in size, easy to make and a dream come true for cookie lovers!

These cookies are made NYC style, which means they’re thick, chunky, soft, gooey and crunchy all at the same time.

Each bite is filled with melted white, dark and milk chocolate chips which make these cookies so addictive and irresistible. With all the chocolate added, they’re definitely rich and indulgent in flavour.

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