Notice anything strange about this old black and white photo? When we saw it, it gave us the creeps…

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Eek! when you see it, you will get the chills…

You know those photos that appear to be perfectly normal, but when you look closer something is off? When you look closely at a picture, you can sometimes discover some very extraordinary things. Take the photo above for example. If you see what we see, you will surely get the chills.

In this picture, taken in 1900, you can see fifteen women posing with their arms crossed. They’re all looking straight into the camera. They are standing in front of a clothing factory just outside Belfast, Ireland, and are wearing their work clothes. At first glance nothing seems wrong with the picture, but when you look more closely, you can see something remarkable. We will you give a hint: pay attention to the woman on the bottom row; all the way to the right.

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