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NEVER, EVER SCRUB your bathtub again

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Is it safe to mix vinegar and Dawn dish soap?

Yes! Mixing Dawn and vinegar is completely safe. And it works wonders on soap scum! I really can’t say enough good things about this easy homemade cleaner.
A few other notes…

You can use other brands of dish soap. They work okay. But blue Dawn is still the best I’ve found.

P.S. Did you know they sell cleaning grade vinegar? I found mine at Wal-Mart by the other multi-purpose cleaners. It’s cheaper than food grade vinegar and is perfect for jobs like this.

Still skeptical? I let my tub build up grime for two months just to make a video to show you exactly how amazing this stuff is. Why? Because when you find something this good, you have to share it with everyone!

Since we use our bathtubs to get dirt and grime from our side, we should be surprised that some of it stays in the tub. Getting your bathtub free of chromatography, soap scum, mineral deposits, and dirt may seem like a challenging task, but in just a few steps you can have a completely clean bathroom.

What you need to clean the bathtub

Tile cleaner

Plaster brush

All-purpose spray or bathroom cleaner

Clean clothes or sponges

An old toothbrush or a small cleaning brush

How to clean and clean the bathtub

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