Mix These 3 Ingredients To Regrow Thick, Strong Hair In No Time

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The general rate of hair growth ranges from a quarter to half an inch each month, but of course there are many factors that can affect the rate of hair growth, and among these factors are: diet, health status, and if there are problems with your hair, such as Slow growth or frequent loss, you should consult your doctor; To screen for some possible diseases, such as: nutritional deficiencies or thyroid problems. In this article, a description of the most important natural recipes: For hair germination, and lengthening it in a week.

You may have regretted cutting your hair and want to return it for a long time, and you may be trying to lengthen it quickly. Because an event is approaching for you, and regardless of the reason for your desire to grow your hair quickly, we will offer you some practical methods here, which you can try; To stimulate your hair growth very quickly, we recommend that you try treatments that enhance the growth of your hair, such as: massaging your scalp with warm oil, and adjusting your hair care routine in a way that you avoid exposing your hair to stress and pressures, and eating the elements and nutrients that enhance the growth of your hair protein, such as: Biotin,

In the following are the most prominent methods of hair germination:

Massaging the scalp with warm oil, where massaging the scalp with warm natural oils improves the condition of the scalp, and encourages hair growth in it, and among these natural oils that can be used to massage the scalp:
Coconut oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, and argan oil, and in what follows the appropriate use of these oils:

How to prepare:

Warm the oil in a bowl of hot water, ensuring that the temperature is right. . Gently massage the warm oil onto your scalp, in a circular motion, using the fingers of your hands, and continue the massage for three minutes. allow oil in your hair about 31 min . Wash your hair with the shampoo that suits you, until the oil is gone. Mixture of oils that promotes hair You can give your hair follicles rapid growth, by applying special mixtures for hair growth, once or twice a week, and you can buy mixtures from pharmacies, or from stores specialized in selling beauty care products, or you can make your own natural mixture At home, and we’ll give quantities,
The steps for making this mixture are in the following points:


One cup (237 ml) coconut oil.
One tablespoon (14.8 ml) of almond oil.
Nut oil (macadamia oil).
Jojoba oil.

How to prepare:

Mix all ingredients well together. Apply the mixture to your hair while it is damp, and leave it for up to 10 minutes.
Wash your hair with the shampoo that is right for you.