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It was with no small gasp of surprise that we learned milk is the official beverage of the Great State of Mississippi. We would’ve guessed bourbon.

Mississippi folks know how to make the most of that oh-so-Southern spirit, as in this smooth and surprising take on a classic sweet potato pie. We’ll let you in on a few secrets.

First, bake the sweet potatoes. Don’t microwave or boil them. You’ll be amazed by what this single step does to the flavor.

Second, prebaking the piecrust ensures that it won’t be underdone when the rest of the pie has baked.

This Mississippi sweet potato pie is one of the best sweet potato pie recipes! The pie is surprisingly easy to prepare, especially if you use frozen pie crusts, and it makes 2 pies, perfect for a holiday feast. You can make one for dessert and freeze the other one for later.

And feel free to cook and mash the sweet potatoes the day before you plan to bake it. This pie can’t be beat! The filling is mixed in the blender or with an immersion blender, eliminating those pesky bits of stringy sweet potato.

I love Red Garnet sweet potatoes because they are moist and sweet when cooked.Jewel, Covington, and Beauregard are excellent choices for baking and pies as well.

This dessert is perfect for the holidays or your next trip to the church fellowship hall. It’s one dish you’ll want to put your name on.
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