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Pre-P.S.: In case you missed it from yesterday, Deborah from Taste and Tell was nice enough to spotlight me for her Blogger Spotlight series.

I’ve been checking Deborah’s blog for years now and her practical, no-fuss approach to cooking and baking keep me hooked. Thanks, Deborah!

I’m all about having a bit of chocolate sweetness to end the Thanksgiving meal. Enter this dessert.

A moist, decadent cake is topped with toasted pecans and a caramelly, chocolate glaze. The entire combination is rich, indulgent and completely worth every bite.

The great thing about adding this to your holiday table is that it can be made up to two days ahead of time.

Although, being completely honest here, if that planning method evidenced itself in my house, I’m not entirely sure any of the cake would actually make it to the big day…

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