Mini Texas Sheet Cake

A recipe for a small Texas Sheet Cake (about 9 servings). Moist chocolate cake with a nut studded chocolate icing. 

First things first – There is nothing “Texas sized” about this cake, nor is it baked in a sheet pan. But sometimes I’m in the mood for Texas sheet cake but I don’t want to make enough to feed an army. That’s when I make a mini Texas sheet cake.

It is made in an 8×8 pan and makes about 9 generous servings (instead of the typical 20+).

It delivers all the flavor of a typical Texas sheet cake – moist chocolate cake with a nut studded chocolate icing – just in a smaller package.

If you’ve ever made Ree Drummond’s “Best Chocolate Sheet Cake” then you know that it really is the best of the best. I adapted my recipe from her full size chocolate sheet cake and tried to get it as close to the same as possible. Enjoy!

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Written by Chef Mehdi

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