Millionaire Fudge

Millionaire Fudge is my favorite fudge of all time.  It is only the most incredibly scrumptious fudge you will ever eat.

In the 1950’s, marshmallow whip crème was introduced to fudge recipes by Mamie Eisenhower who changed the whole concept of how easy it is to make, not to mention how delicious.

I grew up helping my Mother make this fudge every year for Christmas.  We looked forward to helping scoop the fudge with a tablespoon and push the fudge out with another onto wax paper.

As soon as we were all finished, we would take the spoons and scrap every little bit of fudge we could possibly get off the sides of the pan.

Oh, you haven’t lived until you have eaten every little bit of hot fudge happiness.

Recipes that have been passed down by Grandmothers, Mothers and even Fathers are the ones I treasure most.

I even get to put the Millionaire Fudge in my Mother’s Christmas tin she put her’s in and passed down to me. It is old and beat up in places, but the fudge just taste a little bit yummier stored in it.  (giggles)

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Written by P. Powel

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