Enjoy A Marinated Vegetable Salad For Lunch Today!

This salad is a must try if you haven’t made this yet, its delicious and is a great addition to any meal! I love making marinated salad because the flavor is amazing! When you make it you place it in your fridge and the flavors of the salad marinate. The longer you leave it the more intense it gets which is great if you love the taste combination. I make this every now and then because its a great change up from the regular salad.

This is a great to take to a pot luck or for a holiday gathering!

I tried this Marinated Vegetable Salad at my sister-in-law, Alina’s, baby shower. Her Mama made this marinated salad and I loved it. It’s pretty and tasted amazing. Oh and it can be made a day in advance. Awesome, right?

It seems like every time I visit California, I come home with new recipes. I guess I should travel more! P.S. the credit for posting this recipe goes to my hubby. He did it all; start to finish. He’s a great cook you know. You’ll love this salad. I had 3 refills in one sitting.

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Written by P. Powel

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