Man rescues 5-year-old after climbing six floors with bare hands, hailed as ‘hero’

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As this video went viral on social media, people hailed Peng as a ‘hero’. His heroic act attracted widespread praise across social media.

Many users on the internet appreciated Peng for his efforts, while few others blessed him for his generous act. Watching his five-year-old neighbour dangling from a window grille, a firefighter in Shanxi province in central China did not think twice before climbing six floors of a building using his bare hands.

He climbed the building to save a little girl who was trapped hanging dangerously from a window grille. Firefighter An Peng, who was off duty, was shocked to hear his five-year-old neighbour crying in distress after she fell and got stuck in between the security grilles on 20 May.

According to South China Morning Post, Peng rushed to the scene after he heard the child crying. Without any hesitation, he jumped into action and climbed up six floors.

He climbed up the building by using external security bars that were fixed to the front of the residential block. “She was very frightened and kept crying.

I asked her not to be scared and explained I was coming over to save her,” Peng told People’s Daily. As he got close to the little girl, the firefighter somehow managed to grab hold of the security grille with one hand and the girl with another.

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