Lonely man didn’t want to be alone for Christmas, so he did this

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This is quite the gesture!

Jim Bays, a 66-year-old man from Washington was feeling pretty lonely after moving to Texas. He couldn’t imagine being alone on Christmas, so he came up with a very creative solution.

Jim Bays

The lonely man in question, Jim Bays, moved from Washington to Texas in June of 2021. Here he offered his services as a contractor, something he was so good at that he had his own company. While business was good, 66-year-old Jim’s love life wasn’t blossoming in the same way.

He’s extremely busy with work so he spends most of the day away from home. The few hours that he is home each day are pretty lonely, unfortunately. With Christmas right around the corner, Jim decided to change things up. He did this is a very creative way.

Jim wasn’t always this lonely…

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