Loaded Broccoli Potato Pan Recipe

My fiancé and I are crazy about potatoes, especially when paired with scallions, sour cream, bacon and cheddar. I think we would eat them every night if I didn’t have a conscious deep down inside. We have enjoyed our fair share of loaded baked potatoes, potato skins, and even potato chips that are layered with these flavors.

One night, I gave in to our potato craving by creating this recipe. I didn’t have baking potatoes, but I did have a bunch of baby new potatoes sitting on my counter. With a bit of chopping and pre-cooking, I tossed a casserole dish into the oven.

To make things appear a bit healthier I tossed in a handful of broccoli florets. Thirty minutes later the smells inside the apartment had us drooling.

I spooned out a cheesy serving of potatoes and broccoli for my fiancé, and I swear I saw a hint of a tear in his eye. The next 20 minutes were spent in pure silent bliss as we hovered over our plates taking second and third helpings.

The funny part is that this was meant to be our side dish for our main chicken dinner, which went to the wayside and was made into the next day’s lunch. Oh well!

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