Is the bottom of your iron dirty? With this trick it’ll be clean within a minute! You already own the solution!

This is how to clean your iron!

Even though a lot of people despise ironing, it’s a task that’s simply part of life. You can hardly turn up for work in a wrinkled blouse! Unfortunately, your iron will become scorched on the bottom after using it for some time. But we’ve got a trick for that!

Scorched iron

It’s very annoying: after a while the bottom of your iron (also called the ‘soleplate’) changes colour, and can become scorched. You might not want to use it anymore when it’s this dirty; what if you stain your beautiful white blouse?! Luckily, there’s a very simple trick you can use to clean the soleplate of your iron within no time at all. It’ll be back to the colour it should be. Fun fact: we’re sure you already own the magic ingredient!

How to do it:

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