How to Clean All the Parts of Your Oven Door

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What You’ll Need

Glass cleaner
2 microfiber cleaning cloths


Spritz the glass: Grab your favorite glass cleaner and spray the outside. Be generous!
Wipe the glass: Use a clean, dry cloth to wipe the glass. Work in a circular motion and use elbow grease to remove any grime.
Buff the glass: Use a second clean, dry cloth to buff the glass.

What You’ll Need

Note: You might not need all of these items. The list goes on, depending on how grimy your door happens to be.

Microfiber cleaning cloths
Dawn dish soap, water, and a bowl
A degreasing cleaner (like FIT Organic or distilled white vinegar)
Baking soda, water, and a bowl
A plastic scraper or razor blade


Try soapy water: Squirt some Dawn dish soap into a bowl and dip a cleaning cloth into that, then clean the glass. Buff it dry with a second clean, dry cloth.
And a degreasing cleaner: If that doesn’t work, spritz the glass liberally with the degreasing cleaner (to quote my dad when he’s using electrical tape: Do it like it’s free!) and wipe it with a microfiber cloth.
Make a paste with baking soda: If the glass still needs work, add baking soda to a clean bowl of water to make a paste. Spread the paste around the window and let it sit for a few minutes. Get a clean cloth damp, and wipe everything away.
Grab a scraper: If the gunk still persists, add more of that baking soda paste and use the flat edge of the blade to oh-so-gently scrape away whatever’s remaining.


Remember: It’s easier to KEEP your oven door clean than it is to GET it clean, so try to get in the habit of wiping it down regularly (after every oven session, if possible). Taking advantage of the oven glass being warm is a great shortcut.

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