How to Clean All the Parts of Your Oven Door

The oven door is a portal to a magical place. Peek through the glass to see the cheese burbling on pizza, the quiche setting, or the cupcakes rising. It’s where some of the best things in life emerge from. So when you can’t see what’s creating that amazing smell behind a smeary, crusty glass, well, that ruins an awful lot of the fun of it.

I know cleaning the oven door is up there with cleaning baseboards on the enjoyment scale, but it comes with much greater rewards when that glass is shiny and — most importantly — clear! Of course the best thing to do is to keep it clean, rather than have to put extra work into getting it clean, but life happens, and even the best plans to spritz and wipe it regularly can fall to the wayside when dinner is waiting.

So if you find your oven door needing a refresher, we’ve got everything you need to know — from the easiest job (cleaning the outside) to the hardest (cleaning between the panes).

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