Honey Garlic Crawfish Fries

Here in Louisiana, we FIND things to put crawfish on. Fries aren’t any exception. But, the fries aren’t the star today. Who can’t toss frozen fries in some oil?

No brainer. Well, don’t toss ‘em in! That’s a splash you will NOT enjoy. Anyway, I will be giving you the ultimate cheese sauce recipe! It’s creamy and cheesy! And too easy to make. It is sure to be your new go to recipe for Cheese/Queso!

By now, you should know that I’m pretty obsessed with incorporating liquid crab boil into my seafood dishes. It just adds that spark, you know? Splash it on these crawfish tails! Since I’m using frozen tails, adding the crab boil gives it that summer boil flavor!

Let’s talk Queso! I’m using evaporated milk and heavy cream. Why both and not just one?? For starters, the creamiest of evaporated milk is pretty undeniable. And sometimes, using just heavy cream or half and half, can cause the sauce to separate once it reaches a certain heat. Evaporated milk gives us a little leeway. We definitely don’t EVER want to boil dairy.

It’s easily scorched. And the sauce may not look burnt. But, it will certainly taste burnt. I like to add in the heavy cream, because it gives the sauce the perfect silky texture once it cools. It also thickens the sauce more as the temperature lowers.

Now, fries. Use your favorite. I love a good, seasoned fry. But, for this dish, I opted for a plain, crispy bag of frozen fries. I’m leaving all of the seasoning up to the crawfish tails and that heavenly sauce! I don’t have to tell you how to fry French fries, right? Just follow the package instructions and you’ll be good to go!

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