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The best that we can do when trying to make a delicious sandwich is to have high quality ingredients. That’s why I want to teach you how to make this homemade turkey ham which is delicious, has plenty of spices and is the perfect ingredient for a great sandwich.

T make this delicious ham I first marinated the turkey breast in a mix of spices and olive oil. In this way the meat has time to absorb all that amazing flavour. Afterwards it goes into the oven to roast and then it’s just a matter of slicing it nice and thin. Super easy!

The best thing about this ham is that we know it doesn’t have any chemicals added to it, food colouring or preservatives and it’s incredibly delicious. It’s perfect for lunch boxes, breakfast and tea time. Imagine it with a warm piece of bread, a bit of mustard, avocado and lettuce. YUMMY!

For the sandwich you see in the photos I used a slice of the beginner’s sourdough bread I posted last week on the blog. And it’s just that turkey and bread go so well together! In my family we always eat turkey leftovers after Christmas in a sandwich along with a bit of gravy. Do you do that, too? Now you don’t have to wait until December

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