Here Are The Greatest Bathroom Hacks That Everybody Needs

Here Are The Greatest Bathroom Hacks That Everybody Needs

Essentially no one enjoys cleaning their bathroom. It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it. If you dread and procrastinate when it comes to cleaning the bathrooms in your home, just take a look at these effective hacks that will make the job quicker and easier for you.

1. Chrome Fixtures

source: HomeTalk

If you have chrome fixtures in your bathroom, you’ve probably noticed that they regularly become stained with old water marks. To make your fixtures sparkle, spray them with a solution made from equal parts vinegar and water, then wipe them down.

2. Toilet Brush

source: MetDaan

To keep your toilet brush clean and smelling fresh, simply add a bit of Pine-Sol or another household cleaner to your toilet brush holder. Easy as pie!

3. Clogged Shower Head

source: Today’s Homeowner

If your shower head seems to be clogged, simply fill a plastic bag with vinegar, then attach the plastic bag to your shower head using string or an elastic. Let the bag sit overnight, and the shower head will be running like normal when you go to remove it.

4. Grout

source: Do It Yourself

To remove extremely stubborn grout stains, make a paste using hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. Use a toothbrush or small bristle brush to work the solution into the grout, then scrub gently. When you rinse, the grout will be looking brand new again.

5. Mirrors

source: wikiHow

You don’t need Windex to have sparkling clean mirrors. In fact, a water and vinegar solution works just as well, if not better! Simply spray the solution onto your mirrors, then wipe them down.

6. Toilet Bowl

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