Here are a couple of ways you can clean a used scouring pad

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With these simple tricks you can re-use a dirty sponge

The yellow-green scouring pad – who doesn’t have one in the cupboard under the sink? The sponge is widely used for washing dishes, cleaning the kitchen counter or the tiles. This is because it absorbs dirt like no other, which makes the sponge scourer one of the dirtiest objects in the house, because once absorbed, the sponge does not easily release the dirt. As a result, a used sponge no longer cleans effectively. Would you like to use the scouring pad several times? This is how you can revitalize the sponge and make it fresh again.

How to re-use a sponge scourer

A sponge scourer can sometimes stay on the kitchen counter for days, so that it’s always available to clean something quickly. But the used sponge scourer often doesn’t clean properly. Even after thorough rinsing and wringing, bacteria remain. This means that you spread germs when you use the sponge again. After two to three weeks, it is time to replace the sponge. In the meantime, it is best to give it a clean after every use. Fortunately, this is a piece of cake.

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