Her Jeans Are Always Too Long… She Discovered An Easy DIY To Keep The Original Hem

now you have an easy way to do this yourself and keep the original hem! Easy tutorial that only takes about 15 minutes total! Here’s how you to do it!

Step 1:  Figure out how much you need to hem

Try on the pair of jeans and roll the cuff up to how much you want off the bottom.  Then carefully take off the jeans–keeping the cuff.  Measure how much you cuffed.  These jeans needed 2 1/4 inches hemmed.  Pin the jeans carefully measuring at each point you pin.  (I pinned every 2 inches and measured exactly 2 1/4″ at each pin).
Step 2:  Sew!
This is going to feel weird.  But trust me!  You will place your needle next to the original hem.  You will sew RIGHT NEXT to the original hem.  Stitch on the RIGHT side of the hem (the farthest from the bottom of the jean).  Sew all the way around the cuff.  Repeat on the other leg of the jean.  If you have trouble sewing over the seam with your machine try using a thicker needle.  I choose to use my hand and turn the wheel on the side of the machine manually when I go over the thick seams on the sides of the jeans.

Step 3: Turn the legs of the jean right side out.


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Written by Belkys mieles

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