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Hawaiian Pineapple Cake

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This Easy Hawaiian Pineapple Coconut Poke Cake is so delicious and the perfect tropical summertime dessert! All you need is a yellow cake mix, crushed pineapple, coconut cream and vanilla pudding, whipped cream, and shredded coconut!

This Hawaiian Poke Cake couldn’t be easier to make with a French vanilla cake mix flavored with pineapple juice and filled with a delicious vanilla and coconut cream pudding that’s mixed with crushed pineapple.

Top it off with a layer of creamy whipped topping and toasted shredded coconut and you’ll feel like you’re on vacation!

The poke cake phenomenon reached a fever pitch at one point.  It seemed that poke cakes in every single flavor you could imagine were everywhere. Perhaps it’s the simplicity of preparation or the fun of coming up with creative new flavor combinations.

Nonetheless, poke cakes remain. If you aren’t familiar, poke cakes can be filled with any flavor of pudding, caramel, mousse, custard, sweetened condensed milk, jello and a plethora of other fillings too long to list.  All of them are delectable!

Well, just like the name implies, it’s a cake made by poking holes in the baked cake, and then filled with a jello mixture, pudding, condensed milk, or other sweet filling.

Because it’s filled with something, poke cakes are one of the most moist delicious cakes you can make. Seriously, they’re SO good!

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