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Grandma’s Brownies

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These brownies are special because they are my Grandma’s Brownies. There are no other brownies out there quite like hers. These are the thickest, most delicious brownies you will ever eat with a fudge type frosting on top. I’ve been told these are the best brownies…ever.

I’ve been wanting to share this recipe for a long time and I am not quite sure why I haven’t. This is my grandma’s brownie recipe, with no alternations, just hers. I think part of me wanted to keep it just to us because recipes are special…grandma’s are special.

I just visited my grandma with my two daughters and mom and although it was quite the adventure…staying in a hotel for the first time with my 3 year old – of course she got the stomach bug and got sick in bed and then in the car on the way home.

The pool at the hotel was of course “out of order” so we were stuck with not a lot to do other than Target dollar bin art stuff (thank God for that though!). With all this said…it was hard, tiring and a little stressful but at the end of the day my 100 year old grandma got to see my girls and we took pictures. It was wonderful.

Since then I’ve been thinking about my grandma. She was the kindest person, funny and loved to bake. I can only hope this is how my granddaughter will describe me someday. Her life has been full…she has loved, been loved, STILL LOVES, ate good food, had the cleanest house in the world, and she made the best freaking brownies.

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