Fudgy Mint Chocolate Brownies

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A thick Mint Chocolate Brownie is one of my all time favorite desserts! Super fudgy brownies are topped with mint frosting, then the whole thing is drizzled with a thick layer of chocolate ganache. They are so rich, and completely irresistible! (This recipe is even better than BYU Mint Brownies!)

My newborn baby boy is 2 months old now and I haven’t forgotten him anywhere yet, not once. Can I get a high five or what? Tell me you moms out there can relate! Adding a whole other human to your list of things to remember about is hard enough, but putting a sleep deprived person in charge is asking a lot. It’s a miracle our species has survived, honestly. There is a reason Home Alone was such a hit. Every mom’s worst fear!

A few minutes went by and suddenly I looked at Eric and realized that he didn’t have the baby, and I didn’t have the baby, WHERE is the baby?? We rushed back (we were only 30 feet away) and a friend of ours had noticed her fussing and picked her up. It takes a village, right?

And here we are, 4 kids later. Haven’t lost a single one, thankyouverymuch (permanently). Edison is starting to chill out a bit, which is so nice. If you’ve ever had a newborn before, you know how those first few weeks go. I told my friend Jen the other day, people are starting to not feel sorry for me anymore, so I guess that means I better start picking up with Real Life (instead of pretending I’m a vampire who never emerges from the house.)

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