Five reasons not to throw out old pillow cases: this what you can do with them

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3. Apron

Cut three holes in a pillow case and get your child to wear it when they’re painting, drawing or making crafts. You won’t have to worry about their clothes getting dirty and they will be able to move freely without thinking about their clothes.

4. Pet bed

Does your cat (or dog) have a favourite spot to lie down in? Put down an old pillow case in this spot or put it around the pillow your pet loves most. This way you can keep the spot clean by regularly washing the pillow case, and your pet can still enjoy their favourite spot.

5. Packing

Are you moving or going on holiday? Use old pillow cases to wrap fragile stuff in when you’re packing. This will save you money on packing material and it is much more environmentally friendly as well. If you’re going on holiday, you can neatly fold your clothes and put them in pillow cases so they stay neat and together in your suitcase. This is also a handy way to separate your clean clothes from your dirty clothes on the way home.

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