Exceptional: old school bag from 1957 contains unique items from the past

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Quest to find the student

A quest began to find the student named Patti Rumfola. The school managed to track down and contact the Rumfola family. Unfortunately, Patti turned out to no longer be alive: she died in 2013. The school sent the old school bag to her relatives. But before they did this, they took a few photos of the bag and posted it on Facebook.

Old school bag

In a message on Facebook the school wrote: “It gives us a unique insight into the life of an ordinary teenager from the 50s.” The photos show various things that were hidden in the bag. Among these, multiple cards, old black and white photos of family, friends and her dog, and chewing gum still in wrapping paper were found in the school bag. Like many teenage girls, Patti also had a comb and makeup, such as powder and lipstick in her bag. The 26 cents that were still in the school bag became a special souvenir for her children. Each of Patti Rumfola’s children has one of the coins in their possession as a memory of their mother.


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