Elderly man is able to see colour for first time.

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An emotional video shows the moment a 66-year-old color blind man is given a pair of glasses for his birthday that allow him to see color for the first time.

The video, which lasts just over five minutes and takes place somewhere in the United States, shows William Reed receiving a life-changing birthday present.

After opening the present and putting on the glasses the bodybuilder stands still for a few moments, looking shocked.

He then takes a few moments to look around and take everything in, all the while mumbling under his breath how amazing the colors are.

Though many of his comments are not completely clear, he seems to be particularly infatuated with the colors and clarity of the trees.

After a few minutes he starts to tear up as he puts his hands over his mouth, claps them together and excitedly shakes them up and down.

He also comments on how 3D everything looks.

Towards the end of the video his wife goes up and gives him a kiss, before saying: ‘You’re not in Kansas anymore, baby.’

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