Easy No Knead Yeast Rolls

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The no knead bread craze reached a frenzy a few years ago. I never really bought into the idea because by kneading the dough you’re actually developing the gluten in the flour which is a very important step in basic bread making.

But, as I looked more closely at some of the recipes out there from Martha Stewart and beyond, my curiosity was peaked, and I wondered if it would really work.

So, this recipe is my own version after reading through a multitude of recipes available on this subject. And, it truly is easy, and requires no special equipment. After developing this recipe, what can I say, I’m a “no knead” believer now.

This dinner rolls recipe is your new go-to when you need bread in a pinch. It requires no kneading (yay to saving your forearms!), dough hook, or stand mixer, yet the rolls come out perfectly soft and golden brown each time. If you’re a first-time baker and want to try your hand at making your own bread, this recipe has your name all over it…

But there’s more to love. From prep to finish, the bread takes just shy of an hour to make. That means you can tend to the main course and sides while your bread proofs and bakes. By the time dinner is on the table, fresh rolls will be coming out of the oven! What’s not to love about synchronicity?

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