Easy Made Italian Meatloaf

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The Tuscan-style roast beef (arista di maiale alla fiorentina) has a crazy charm. Disarmingly simple, it has one of those scents that bring me straight back to Italy, under its olive trees, the scent of the countryside, the green and round hills and those warm days outside (in autumn or in spring) where everything seems so soft.

The thing is, this roast that takes you roughly 10 minutes to prepare is coated with a trinomial I love: garlic, rosemary and of course olive oil. Items that everyone had in their ‘garden’. Not only does it perfume the kitchen but in addition it gives the meat a real plus that reminds me a little of the porchetta (for those who know).

This is an ancestral recipe that was prepared especially in the countryside. Easy recipe for roast beef (with garlic and rosemary) the typical Tuscan arista di maiale.

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